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Welcome, learners. My name is Cheryl Williams-Jackson and I teach Child Development at Modesto Junior College.  I have a great love of learning and teaching. 

I teach child development and human services.  Child development is one of those very misunderstood majors.  Child development teaches us all about what is known about typical and atypical development and growth of people.  I love the idea of combining my knowledge of child development with behavioral health.  The behavioral health of children and families are often misunderstood or ignored.  Can a two-year old experience depression?  Are young children affected by early abuse?  These are only examples of areas where child development and early childhood behavioral health provides knowledge and skills.  

What do you do for relaxation and fun?  I love reading and always have a book close by.  I love listening to audiobooks in my car.  Favorite characters are Alex Cross and Jack Reacher.  I also love my beautiful gold bike and biking along the American River. Learn more about me.


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Office: Muir Hall 157, West Campus

Phone: 575-6320

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Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

For use to notify a reporting agency (local law enforcement, county probation, county welfare department or another agency) about suspected cases of child abuse.